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Translation Memory

All translations are automatically stored in your translation memory. Whenever possible, they are reused to prevent you from translating the same content twice. This not only saves you translation costs, but also improves your translation quality by reusing approved translations.

Cloud-based System

Centralized all your language assets and shared over the secure cloud system preventing loss, version mismatch, and unwanted disclosure. Easily accessible across all platforms. Supporting 50+ file formats, the system provides all you need to automate the process end-to-end.

Translation Management Technologies

The more languages you support, the more complicated it is to bake. WISE’s approach to translation management removes the seemingly endless list of complications. The platform enables you to configure automations, and see exactly what’s happening with every translation job across content types.

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Automated Quality Checks

Automated quality assurance ensuring consistency, terminology adherence, and preventing human errors such as wrong numbers, omissions, inconsistency, and more. Together with linguistic QAs by human editors, it adds an important step in quality control to produce error-free translations.

Machine Translation & Post Editing

A unique approach to further reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and human post editing. WISE's extensive experiences and trained resources for MTPE help client's needs for time-to-market and cost savings.

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