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IT Engineer Staffing

​Clients turn to WISE for engineering and technical staffing support when they are struggling to locate and/or retain expert, hard-to-find talent, have an urgent need for a specific technical expertise or want to leverage our  networks for short or long-term initiatives.

WISE's engineering and technical staffing experts are able to draw from an unmatched pool of technical candidates database and recruiting channels that receive hundreds of thousands of visits from engineers and technical professionals every month.

Contract Hire

Our engineering staffing experts provide expert contractors that you can trust to boost productivity, meet project deadlines and ultimately drive bottom line results for your business. Our recruiting professionals provide dependable contractors with access to benefits.

Direct Hire

When your business goals require a salaried, technical professional for drafting, design, planning, engineering or management roles, our engineering staffing experts search millions of the top active and passive candidates and deliver qualified professionals within 48 hours.

Large Volume Sourcing

Hiring in volume can be a logistical nightmare. By coordinating a single focused event where your hiring team can meet, interview and make offers to a group of pre-screened qualified candidates, WISE's technical staffing experts enable you to fill multiple positions in just one day's work.

Full Staffing Services

Engage engineering and design experts who drive business performance for our clients of all industries with WISE’s engineering staffing. Our experts expand our clients’ capabilities, generate tangible results and lead the way in the engineering markets in which they operate.

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