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WISE is actively investing in future-oriented businesses based on new and innovative technologies that are expected to serve as new growth engines. From start-ups to established companies, we provide a comprehensive solution, which includes not only investment funds but also management support, technical support, and marketing support.



Joint-venture, Translation Business

Established solid business infrastructure supporting Vietnam and South-East Asian translation markets. Grown-up as a profitable and sustainable business as well as top language service provider in the region.

2. WISE-AZ Trading JSC (Jun 2016)

Joint-venture, Fashion Business


Develops proprietary fashion brands targeting Vietnam local market. Steady growth in sales and brand recognition.

3. SYSMETIC INC (Jan 2019)

Equity investment, AI News Services

Award-winning business model. Collects millions of daily news from all over the world. Classifies and delivers summarized news to users.

4. OPSTINE INC (Apr 2019)

Equity investment, Pet Nutrition Business


Unique business model developing tailored nutrition foods for old-aged pets. Successfully launched and gained market interests.

5. Investment Fund with The Invention Lab (Aug 2019)

A major LP of the fund

Designed for startup acceleration specifically for startups targeting Vietnam market

6. A Cosmetic Company (Oct 2019)

Equity investment, a cosmetic company

Develops cosmetics and sells overseas. The company has long-time trustworthy global distribution networks.







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