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AI-powered Document Translation

With more than two decades of experience in language services, WISE develops technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence providing cost-effective solutions to innovate from traditional translation processes. is an online AI translation service that can process any type of document file and produce AI-translated documents preserving original layout formatting. For professional translation needs, a pricing quote is instantly available at the website without going through human intervention. Check out more details below about

50+ File Types

Capable of processing all types of commonly used files including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, HTML, XML, PDF and more. Please visit supported file types for more details.

100 Languages

For AI-powered Machine Translation, WiseTranslate supports 100+ languages. For professional human translation, we supports 30+ languages. Please visit for more information.

Instant Translation

Do you have 100 pages of research papers to study for your work? Have difficulties in language? can instantly translate any language to the language you're familiar with. Check out what we can help at

Real-time Quote

If you're not satisfied with Machine Translation or want more professional translation, get your translation price quote right on the site. Select your quality requirements and place an order online. Progress status is always available to you.

Customizing for Institution

For institutions where members often need translations of documents, for example, graduate schools, research centers, libraries, or global companies, can be customized for the institution so that each member enjoys WiseTranslate without individual signup and billing process. Please check this page for more details.

Strategic Partnerships

WISE is tied with top global translation technology partners including Memsource and SmartCat. We also maintain extensive global language service supply chain to ensure language as well as localization quality.

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