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​Customer Reviews

I would like to Thank you for your enormous support within the last couple of months where we experienced the peak of work and got many requests with urgent TAT. I know this is an extraordinary time that challenges us in many ways on a daily basis, that’s why knowing we can count on you and your support is a great value for us!

Radim Prochazka

PM, RWS Moravia

Not only have you managed a huge wordcount for us in the previous quarter, you have also delivered the quality – meeting the customer’s expectations as well as proved to be reliable and have a fruitful collaboration with PM team.

Angelika Tumasz

Resource Manager, LionBridge

​We are pleased to notice that the work made for the project mentioned is great. There were no mistakes made, your translation is flawless!

Corina Ciobanu

QA, Welocalize

Committed to
Quality Management

We hold ourselves to the highest standards throughout 2 decades of experience in delivering quality globalization solutions to our customers. A quality solution provides a consistent, global emotional response to your brand, no matter where or how it is viewed, and generates a real return on your investment, globally expanding your brand and market share.

AI-enabled Language Technologies

With more than two decades of extensive language services experiences, WISE develops technologies powered by AI providing cost-effective solutions to overcome language barriers.

Strategic Partnership

Expand your business globally

We Are a Globalization Professional Services Firm, Expanding Your Business Globally.

Globalization Language Services

Translate, localize, and transcreate your content for local relevance at a global scale. We build bridges of understanding, connecting your message with your global customers in their language, from their point of view, on their time.

Our Creative Leadership.

WISE is an international leader in the translation marketplace that offers transparent, intuitive, and cost-effective services to customers who need documents, web content, and video content translated guaranteeing high quality and speed. All such services are only possible under creative leadership.

Chairman / Founder

Founder and CEO of WISE SerTech, the mother company of WISE ST Global. Prior to founding the company, he served as country manager of Bowne Global Solutions Korea.


Jaehoon is recently more keen on technology innovations to adapt to AI-dominant futures. Prior to joining WISE, he was a general manager of SDL Korea.

Production Manager

She is a veteran localization expert having extensive experience in various global companies including Mendez, LionBridge, and Jonckers, most recently. 

Language Technologies & Services

AI-powered Doc Translation

Translate any type of documents including PDF into any language instantly. Essential tool for researching papers in different languages.

AI Translation for Global News

AI translation customized for economic news, coupled with AI-powered summary, stock symbol matching, and sentiment analysis.

Crowd Sourcing for Data Collection

Truly skilled in managing large-scale language data collection for AI training. Best suited for chatbot, OCR, machine translation, intent variation, and more.

Save Cost,

Improve Quality

by Technologies

We helps global companies translate efficiently thanks to our advanced translation technologies. The translation management technologies used by many of the world’s leading brands help to reduce costs, automate workflows, and optimize overall translation process.

1. Translation Memory

Stored all translations automatically in database called translation memory, reusable to prevent same translation twice saving translation costs and improving consistency.

2. Cloud-based System

Centralized all your language assets  and shared over the secure cloud system preventing loss, version mismatch, and unwanted disclosure. Easily accessible across all platforms.

3. Technical QA

Automated quality assurance ensuring consistency, terminology adherence, and preventing human errors such as wrong numbers, omissions, inconsistency, and more.

4. Machine Translation

A unique approach to further reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and human post editing.

More about WISE Group

IT Engineer Staffing

Our unmatched sourcing experiences allow us to understand your needs and deliver top engineers quickly, helping clients focus on business development.

Startup Investment

Actively investing in future-oriented businesses based on new and innovative business model that are expected serve as new growth engines.

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