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Why WISE SerTech?
Project Management System
WISE SerTech, Inc. has developed a Project Management System for Localization that has been in use for all projects since October 2005. Through this system, we manage projects efficiently and maintain high quality. Moreover we have eliminated the time and overhead of paper reports while making the process more interactive for clients and freelancers to actively participate in the project. Clients can see the project status and quality status at any time during the project, and can evaluate their projects, leading to a higher level of satisfaction.
Our employees register and manage projects, manage POs, invoices, collections, glossaries, project status, quality, processes, QA reports, and internal and buy-in costs. They also manage all clients and freelancers.
Through this system, freelancers receive POs, issue invoices after completing projects, and can do the following tasks.
Project management
Glossary management and terminology searches
Workload management
Participate in linguistic training courses
Clients can perform the following tasks by logging into their projects online.
View project status
View project quality
Participate in discussion and decision of terms
Evaluate the project
More than Common Sense
We know well what clients want from us. Most vendors say that they deliver high quality, reasonable prices and on-time delivery. These are the three major factors that govern the entire industry. We believe it means that they have no differentiators over others. We are always analyzing our clients' top priorities. This is possible through continuous training in daily life.
We strive to always meet clients' requirements, especially when they have difficulty in one of the three factors. Sometimes deadlines, sometimes price, and sometimes top quality.
Our technical skills are top-notch. We have experience with most tools for localization and DTP, so you don’t need to ask us what tools we can use.
Wide Coverage
Wise SerTech, Inc. is steadily expanding a range of services in order to satisfy requirements that clients want with specific specialties in services such as Medical/Pharmaceutical, Marketing, Legal/Finance, IT Engineer Outsourcing and Software Localization.
We strive to consistently broaden available language pairs and increase the controllable number of languages. Examples of our efforts include forming a joint capital company in Hanoi, Vietnam with Indonesian and Thai branches to handle Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Tagalog, Lao, and Khmer.
We have a complete infrastructure system from human resources, network, servers, PCs, Macintoshes, printers, scanners, storage devices, and a wide array of all the necessary tools.
We have more than 300 freelance people who are classified by industry and language pair. We can also monitor their workload and quality through our internal system.
All PCs have Dual Core 2 Duo or higher CPUs, 2 GB RAM, DVD drive, 250 GB HDD, and they are connected to a single local network and to the Internet with static IPs. Our Internet connection speed is 100 Mbps and protected by a router with an integrated firewall to prevent outside intrusions and keep our network and your projects safe and secure. We also run a file server, FTP server, and web server.
We use localization tools such as Trados, SDLX, Catalyst, and Idiom Word Server, for most projects, so we have large databases of Translation Memory for clients and products.
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