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Recently, the translation demand for Medical/Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Chemistry is rising. To cope with this increased demand, we have strengthened our manpower for these and are ready to provide clients with the services they need for today’s market.
We translate various medical and pharmaceutical documents, such as for Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical and Clinical Trials.
Two separate linguists translate and edit utilizing CAT (computer assisted translation) tools, such as Trados.
Marketing/Web Site
While marketing has become more intense and Internet marketing is ever on the rise, translation demand for marketing materials and web-based documents is also increasing. WISE SerTech is adding to its translation team for marketing materials to meet the needs of clients who place great importance in their online presence.
We do effective translations for E-Learning products, Web Services, Web Portals, Web Applications, Web Sites, Web Tools, Intranets, Extranets, and other online assets.
Two separate linguists translate and edit utilizing CAT tools, including Trados.
Software Localization
We have well over 10 years of institutional expertise in software localization. We have localized an incredibly wide range of file formats and software types. We not only translate and edit, but also perform additional services, such as testing and DTP.
We are proficient with Application Software, Operating Systems, Firmware, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, E-Learning, Multimedia, and others. In addition, we handle a full range of services that clients need, such as User Interfaces (User Experiences), On-Line Help, Web Help, Manuals, On-line Manuals, PDFs, XML, and SGM.
Clients can specify their preferences for CAT tools and the formats that they delivered. During translation, quality standards are maintained. Two separate linguists translate and edit utilizing CAT tools, including Trados.
It is hard to distinctly classify modern industries as many industries link to a single product. For example, automotive manufacturing is related to diverse industries such as electronics, electrics and heavy machinery/ chemicals, resource extraction, agricultural equipment, steel fabrication and design technology.
One of strengths of WISE SerTech is its broad experience in translation for the machinery and automotive industries.
We have experience with heavy equipment for construction, agricultural machines, and a variety of machine tools. These also go through two steps of translation and editing utilizing CAT tools, including Trados.
It seems that Legal and Finance are some of the most difficult and tricky fields in the translation industry. We are preparing for those fields step-by-step and expect to fully respond according to client requests.
Asian Languages
WISE SerTech does not claim that we handle all languages equally well. We have been working so far to achieve our goal of language support services for Asia. As a result, we are focusing on translating English into Korean/Japanese/Chinese, Korean into Japanese/Chinese and Korean/Chinese/Japanese to English.
In May, 2005, we established a joint business, WISE-CONCETTI LTD., in Hanoi, Vietnam and have been operating offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand to support services for Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Tagalog, Lao, and Khmer.
Two kinds of Chinese language are being handled in the Taiwan office and Japanese is supported through partnership and a cooperative system with a Japanese native speaker residing in Korea and local partners in Japan.
Available Industry
Aero / Transportation / Automobile / Ship Building
Arts / Religion / Environment
Business / Management / Economy / Trade
Chemistry / Physics / Atomic
Computer / Hardware / Peripherals
Construction / Civil Engineering
Electric / Electronic / Automation
Film / Audio / Video
Finance / Accounting / Banking
Game / Entertainment / Sports
Human Science / Social Science
Legal / Contract
Localization / Software
Machinery / Heavy Equipment / Metal
Marketing / Advertising / Media
Medical / Biology / Health / Life Science
Network / Internet / Web
Tourism / Journalism
Available Language Pairs
English into Korean, Japanese, Two Chinese
English into Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Lao, Burmese, Khmer
English into European Languages
English into Eastern European Language
Japanese, Chinese into Korean
Korean, Japanese, Chinese into English
Other Service
DTP: MS-Office, In-Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Frame Maker, Adobe on Windows and
Localization Testing
SW development in Vietnam, Web Site Creation
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