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All translators fully understand both the source language and target language, and have expertise in the related industry. Thus, we categorize all translators based on languages, industries, task (translation, editing, proofreading) and quality level, and assign appropriate personnel according to the project.
Quality Assurance
We use specific processes to meet client quality requirements. Each project goes through 2 or 3 separate processes with different resources all the time. The final process is completed by our qualified in-house linguists for all projects.
We perform LQA tasks on a regular basis for certain periods and projects and report on it according to client requests.
In hiring freelance translators, writers and editors, we use the following process:
All the incoming freelance do the sample test and is registered as level "C" categorized by industry and language pairs if they passed.
They get small projects for a certain period; those who are successful migrate to level B.
Through regular projects, we continually evaluate their quality and adjust their level appropriately.
To train linguists, we are developing on-line language training system. During projects, all the qualified and specified linguists from the company register the training contents for training in the system.
The trainees are allocated by batch with 50 cases and 3 tests. There are 3 levels and 2 tasks - translation and editing.
Quality Process
The phase prior to starting project includes order making, project analysis, glossary definition, preparation of style guide, identification of tools, team building, scheduling and various training about product, tool, style guides and other tasks appropriate for the project. For the success of project, we recognize the importance of preparation at this stage.
In the actual production phase, we perform TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading), DTP, compile and testing, DTP, inspection, customer feedback, applying feedback, and delivery. In this stage, proactive communication between customer and our project team is very important. The project manager looks after customers and makes them part of the process, using Weekly Status Reports, Quality Reports, and Problem Reporting.

We implement all projects using a QA tool before delivery and generally utilize another QA tool to verify local languages.
Post Production
After project completion, we conduct meetings with customers and the project team. Here we discuss what we did well and what we didn't do well, and summarize and keep it to improve for the next project. We also update, finalize and preserve the glossary for the next version.

For the quality management and improvement of internal linguists, we select a random sample among work of all linguists and after conducting a monthly LQA, the results are uploaded into the PMS (project management system), which are then reflected in employee evaluations.

We send clients a "Client Evaluation Request" email and receive client evaluations to get the evaluation and feedback for all projects after completion. This is referred to the next project and used for employee evaluation.
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