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Vision & Management Policy
By maximizing company value, we provide customers with the best quality of technology and service, and shareholders and employees with growing value.
Think of customers as the origin of value creation, a partner in the company growing and the first one.
Maximize their value through reliable and steady growth.
Let employees show entrepreneurship, individual values, and support their development and improvement.
Management Policy
First to Customer
WISE SerTech’s target is to exceed customer expectations.
In order to do this, all employees identify customers' requirements well and find the right solution. We aim to deliver more value to our customers than they invest.
First to Quality
We establish and meet higher criteria in each field. We are proud of our quality and employees' dignity. We don't allow "2nd rank" in our service.
Our mission basis is to provide our services and products on time.
Superior quality is not limited to services and products, but extends to hiring highly motivated and qualified people, and improving them.
Work Smart
The company doesn't expect employees to work like slaves to the clock. We want them to have a decent quality of life and to be able to maintain a happy, fulfilling family life. For us, this ensures that their work is done properly, and that they have the ability and motivation to provide the highest possible quality. For our employees, this provides a sense of respect and professional courtesy often lacking in this industry.
Work Together
We respect individual employees' capability, their respect for others, and their endeavors to work in harmony with their team. We recognize working together results in success by fostering superior teams and doing our best to motivate employees to participate in their job voluntarily in the spirit of teamwork.
Share Value
We want all employees work pleasantly. We encourage employees to have an open mind and attitude, and to do their best to create a working environment of trust in each other.
We support employees to achieve individual targets and to devote their efforts to the company to meet targets and properly prioritize. We invest in employees to improve their development and ability, and also reward with compensation for individual and team successes.
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